Modern Slavery



At docStribute, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our business operations and supply chains. We recognize the existence of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour as grave violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our commitment to combating these practices and sets out the steps we are taking to address modern slavery risks within our organization and supply chains.


Our Business:

docStribute is a technology company specializing in document management and distribution solutions. We provide digital platforms and services that help organizations streamline their document processes, enhance productivity, and improve collaboration. We operate globally, working with various suppliers, vendors, and partners across different industries.


Our Commitment:

We are firmly committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our business and supply chains. We strive to create a working environment that respects human rights, promotes diversity, and ensures fair and ethical treatment of all individuals associated with our operations.


Supply Chain Due Diligence:


We recognize the importance of understanding and mitigating modern slavery risks within our supply chains. Toachieve this, we are implementing the following measures:


1.   SupplierEngagement: We assess potential suppliers and partners based on their commitment to human rights, labour standards, and ethical practices. We encourage transparency and dialogue regarding their policies and procedures for combating modern slavery.


2.   Supplier Audits:We conduct regular audits of our suppliers to evaluate their compliance with our standards and legal requirements. These audits may include on-site visits, document reviews, and interviews with workers to identify any potential risks or instances of modern slavery.


3.   SupplierContracts: Our supplier contracts explicitly state our expectations regarding human rights, including the prohibition of modern slavery and forced labour. Werequire suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning labour practices.


4.   Training andAwareness: We provide training to our employees and key stakeholders on recognising and reporting any signs of modern slavery or human trafficking. Byraising awareness, we aim to ensure that everyone associated with our organisation understands their role in preventing and addressing these issues.


Reporting and Whistleblowing:


We maintain an open and transparent culture that encourages the reporting of any concerns related to modern slavery or human trafficking. We have established procedures to receive and investigate such reports, ensuring appropriate action is taken. We protect whistle-blower’s identities and prohibit any retaliation against those who report in good faith.


Continuous Improvement:


We are committed to continuously improving our processes and practices to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking.We regularly review and update our policies and procedures to reflect best practices and evolving legal requirements. We collaborate with industry partners, NGOs, and other stakeholders to stay informed about emerging risks and effective mitigation strategies.




docStribute remains resolute in its efforts to combat modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour. Through robust due diligence, supplier engagement, training, and ongoing improvement, we are committed to eliminating these practices from our organization and supply chains. We will continue to work collaboratively with our stakeholders to drive positive change and uphold human rights.