Improve customer communication engagement with docStribute®

Increase deliverability of mandatory customer communication, improving customer support in line with the FCA's Consumer Duty regulation.

Unlock information layering with docStribute®

Layer customer information with docStribute's immutable hyperlinks and improve customer understanding in line with the FCA's Consumer Duty regulation.

Adopt omni-channel communication that your customers want to use.

With no log-in necessary, increase document deliverability and improve customer outcomes in line with the FCA's Consumer Duty regulation.

dSend by docStribute®

dSend by docStribute® gives you the power to send regulated and confidential documents to your customers digitally in a secure way; replacing costly postage and piles of paperwork with one elegant, immutable hyperlink. Combining next generation distributed ledger technology and deep expertise in regulatory compliance, we lead the way in secure, sustainable, seamless communication that’s customer focussed and cost effective.


FCA compliant to durable medium requirements.


Intuitive and easy to use interface.


Speed and accessibility ensure a better customer journey and governance.

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dSend by docStribute®


Increase in document delivery compared to portals and app

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dSign by docStribute®

The digital signing solution harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology to protect the integrity of your contracts and their signatures

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Unlimited documents

Sign and send unlimited documents

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dSign by docStribute®

Unlimited Users

You don't put a limit on the size of your team so why should we.
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