dSend by docStribute®

Changing the way private and public sectors communicate with their customers

docStribute® innovates how governments and corporates send regulated (and unregulated) documents to their customers. By combining cryptography and Distributed Ledger Technology, docStribute distributes documents in a more sustainable, secure and cost-effective way than the established methods, and at the same time adheres to relevant regulations, such as GDPR, the FCA’s Durable Medium Rule and Consumer Duty Regulations.


Replace the need of sending PDF attachments

Removes its associated cyber security risks

Reduce reliance on paper

Which is expensive and environmentally unsustainable

Reduce over-reliance on banking apps

As well as secure websites where adoption and engagement rates are low

How it works

docStribute® allows you to deliver confidential and regulated documents to your customers digitally, via immutable hyperlinks which can be shared through email, text or instant message. docStribute® can integrate with CRM's via our API's or used as a standalone solution allowing for a seamless implementation.

Why docStribute®?

docStribute® can be used as a standalone product or be easily integrated into existing platforms via API depending on your requirements.

Significantly reduces customer communication costs through a streamlined solution, avoiding expensive print & post remediation and log-in alternatives.
Energy efficient network which reduces CO2e when compared to attachments and other digital alternatives. Hedera Hashgraph is more efficient than other DLTs, reducing 80% CO2e versus PDF/HTML and even further compared to paper
docStribute® uses Hedera Hashgraph’s consensus mechanism to protect the integrity of documents and digital signatures, by doing so removes the need to attach PDFs to emails and the cyber risks associated with this.
docStribute®’s immutable hyperlinks can be sent via your customer channel of choice (email, instant messaging, text, in app). 
Supporting portals and strengthening your businesses omni-channel approach to communication.

Sending regulated documents to your customers: fast and secure 

We have two options available to our dSend customers:

Mandatory documents
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Using Distributed Ledger Technology, docStribute®️ allows companies to protect and compliantly deliver:

/ Year
Customer Terms and Conditions
Notice of Variations
FSCS - mandatory documents
Rate Change documents
Fee Information Documents (FID's)
Product Sheets
Annual Reports
Personalised documents + SMS verification
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Using Distributed Ledger Technology, docStribute®️ allows companies to also deliver documents such as:

/ Year
Customer Statements
Annual Statement of Fees Documents
Unpaid Item/Arrears Letters
Policy documents
Transaction reporting

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